Answers to your most common questions

What is the benefits of booking a ritual?

Everything is energy. Our body, mind and personality is a complex energetic field. Our life experience is a reflection of the state of our own energy field. This can be described as Karma. 

If you book a ritual either for yourself or for another person, you are basically invoking certain energies which will have a beneficial effect on someones energy field and therefore help to have a different outcome for specific situations. 


What is a Homa?

A Homa is a fire ritual, that invokes specific energies, depending on the deity that is invoked. It is a powerful way to bring specific energies into person’s life. 


What is a Yantra?

A Yantra is a geometric diagram that represents specific energies on the level of form, in the same way like a Mantra represents energies through sound. When a Yantra is charged through tantric practice, like the 48 day Puja process, then it can store and permanently emit the energy it represents and therefore have a tangible effect on a persons energy field and life.


What is a Puja?

A Puja is anykind of worship ritual that invokes divine frequencies. 


How do I know which Ritual is best for me?

We recommend you to speak to our Vedic astrologer, who will advise you in detail, depending on the topic and your astrological background. 


Where are the rituals performed?

All Rituals are performed at our Remedy center in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. 


Is every ritual performed for an individual person?

Yes, every ritual is performed for an individual person for whom it was booked. Their name is invoked in the beginning of the ritual. 


How can I participate in the ritual?

Once the auspicious date has been confirmed by our vedic astrologer, we will send you an email with the broadcast link and theme of the ritual. You can simply click on the link to see the live stream. We recommend you to sit in meditation and simply feel the energy activating your system. 


What is the difference between the number of priests?

Usually you can chose between 1,3 or 5 priests to perform the rituals for you. The more people participate in the ritual, the more powerful the energy will be. 


What is the duration of the Homas? 

The Homas take about 1 hour. 


Where will the 48 day Yantra Puja be carried out? 

The 48 day Yantra Puja will be performed in our tantric temples in Palakkad, Kerala and Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. 


Will the 48 day Yantra Puja be live streamed? 

Because the 48 day Puja is performed inside the tantric temples, it is not permitted to live stream from inside the temple. 

After the 48 day Puja is complete, you will receive the energises Yantra, together with other sacred objects.  


What do I receive after the ritual is performed?

After every Homa you will receive a small copper Yantra, that is stored within a silver amulet, in which the energies of the ritual have been locked. When you wear this amulet on your body, you will absorb the energy into your system and be charged with this frequency. 

Besides that you will receive sacred ash, sandal wood powder and kum-kum( red vermillion powder), which all store the energy of the ritual. This will be shipped to you, anywhere in the world. 


Are there any shipping cost?

There is no extra shipping cost, it is already included in the price, 


How long does the shipping take?

For International shipments, please expect 2-4 for the delivery.


Can I visit you in person and see the ritual being performed?

Yes. You are most welcome to visit us at our remedy center in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. 

If you have more questions, please write to us at, we are happy to help you.