Health supporting ceremonies

* These are religious, spiritual practices that aim to provide energetic support, which is not approved by any regulatory institution, does not replace a physician and does not promise healing. 

Here is how it works in short:

1. You book a ceremony.

2. You choose from the options below which ceremony exactly you would like. (You can consult with us if needed)

3. You send your birth details to us. 

4. Based on your horoscope, we will chose the most auspicious moment for the ceremony to be performed fo you. 

5. We send you an email with the time of your ceremony and a access link for the live stream. 

6. The ceremony is performed for you and you can watch it on a live stream. ( The effects take place, also if you do not watch it). 

7. If you booked the 48 day Yantra process, it will be imitated after the ceremony (is explained below). 

8. We will send you the Prasad (blessed objects) of the ceremony by mail to a location of your choice (no extra shipping costs). 

9. Rejoice and enjoy the effects of the ceremony on your life. 

We recommend to consult with our Vedic Astrologer to chose the most beneficial type of Homa for you. 

What is the 48 day Yantra Puja

During the 48 day Yantra Puja, the mantra used during the fire ceremony, will be written on a small copper Yantra. 


After the initial fire ceremony, this Yantra will be continuously energised for 48 days through a complex procedure, which includes daily chanting of Mantras and other ceremonial steps, that are described in the Vedas. In the end of the 48 day process, the small copper Yantra is rolled up and inserted into a small silver talisman.


Then all the acquired energies are locked into the talisman. 


It is then shipped to you by mail. You are invited to wear this talisman from now on, directly on your skin, to continuously absorb the high energies were invoked to charge the talisman. This will continuously bless your own energies field and gradually raise its vibration.

For more detailed information about the Yantra, the fire ceremony or general questions, you can visit our Ritual FAQ section.  

When you book your Ceremony, you can choose from any below

Yamaraja Homa 

Yamaraja is the God of death. In the Vedic culture, he is recognised as the first creature who died and explored the divine abodes in this way. He became the leader and protector of the departed. 


The Yamaraja Homa helps to overcome the fear of death, blesses a soul in its transition and also eliminates deathly diseases and gives the blessing of longevity. Therefore it can be performed to either give the blessing of a long life or to bless someone who has entered the dying process. 

Yamaraja Mantra:



Matsya Homa

Matsya is the first incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who appeared in the form of a fish. He protected and saved the Vedas from Demons. 


Matsya Homa can be performed for many purposes, for example during an operation. It eliminates old Karma and blessed a person with good health, and progress in all aspects of life. It also helps to be more alert, awake and less lethargic. 

This Homa also helps to remove any kind of obstacles. 


Matsya Mantra:


Parashurama Homa

Prasumhara is the 6th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He is often shown with an axe on his shoulder. He eliminates negative forces from the earth to ensure harmony.

Those who worship him often experience major changes in their lives.


Parasumhara Homa is performed to destroy evil forces and protects from risks and threats.

It also eliminates fears and negativities. 



Parasumhara Mantra: 


Dhanvanthiri Gauri Homa

Lord Dhanvanthiri is an incarnation of Vishnu in the form of the divine physician that embodies all healing powers. 

Dhanvanthiri Homa is performed to support any kind of healing or recovery processes as well as to remove any kind of obstacles in the area of health. 

During the Homa, many medicinal herbs are burned and their power is invoked as well. 

Dhanvantiri Mantra: 





Mrityunjaya Homa

Mrityu means death and Jaya means victory. Therefore this Homa has the purpose to overcome death. 


Mrityunjaya Homa is performed to invoke Lord Shiva to bring relief from any kind of serious illness and to bring victory over death. It can also be performed for a dying person or someone who has just died to support them in the process. 

Mritunjaya Mantra: 





Ayush Homa

Lord Ayur Devata is the lord of life.

Ayush means age. This Homa is often performed for children on their 1str birthday and can be performed for adults on the day of their birth star, to support a long and healthy life. 

It is also performed to support healing from longtime ailments. 

It removes the harmful effects of past Karma.


Brings the blessing longevity.

It also redcuces the harmful effects of astrological constellations. 

Ayush Mantra: 

- secret - 

Besides the mentioned Homas, there are many other rituals, that can be performed to support health and healing.

We recommend to schedule a session with our Vedic Astrologer to find out which is the most beneficial in your case.