Death and Dying support ceremonies

Here is how it works in short:

1. You book the ceremony for a loved one that has passed away.


2. Based on astrological constellations, we will chose the most auspicious moment for the ceremony to be performed.


3. We send you an email with the time of your ceremony and a access link for the live stream. 


4. The ceremony is performed for the person you booked it for  and you can watch it on a live stream. ( Effects take place, also if you do not watch it). 


5. We will send you the Prasad (blessed objects) of the ceremony by mail to a location of your choice (no extra shipping costs). 


6. Rejoice and enjoy the effects of the ceremony on your life. 

When you book your Ceremony, you can choose from any below

Thila Homa

 Thila Homa is performed to pay homage to our ancestors and to bless their journey in the afterlife.


It also supports the living descendants of the ancestors as it helps to clear and transform ancestral Karma that might still have an effect on the life of the living descendants.  


It removes Pitru dosha. 

Pitru dosha is the dosha or suffering that occurs due to the karma or traumas of our ancestors.

Besides This Homa, there are many other rituals that can be performed to support someone in the dying process.

Depending of the person and circumstances, we recommend to speak to our Vedic astrologer to chose the most beneficial ritual.