Sacred Rituals

Inviting blessings into your life

Rituals and ceremonies are powerful tools to invoke specific energies into your life and therefore overcome obstacles and change the course of your life's journey for the better.

 Here you can book ceremonies, which are performed on your behalf by authentic and highly trained priests in India.

You can book the ceremonies for yourself or a loved one and participate in them via live stream.

How does it work? 

Our Vedic priests can perform ceremonies for hundreds of different purposes. The traditional and best way to chose the right one is to consult with our Vedic astrologer, who would help you to find the ceremony that is best for you. 


If you are already clear for which purpose and when you would like the ceremony to be performed, you can book it directly with us. Once you booked the ceremony, you will receive a link, with which you can watch the ceremony being performed for you on a live stream. 


After the ceremony, you will receive a copper yantra, as well as sacred ash, Sandalwood powered and an amulet that were all charged with the energy of the ceremony, which will be shipped to you from India.