Welcome friends and partners!

We love that you are interested in becoming a partner and co-create a win-win-win relationship.

Here is how it works in short:

1. You sign up as a partner and receive a personalised discount code that you can pass on to your friends and clients. 


2. You tell your friends and clients about mypalmleaf.com through social media posts, emails or other channels and share the discount code. 


3. Your clients book a palm leaf reading on our website and get 10 Euro off the regular price when they book a palm leaf reading. 


4. Our system recognises your personal discount code.


5. We find the palm leaf of the client and s/he has the reading. 


6. We pay you a 30 Euro commission for every booking made through you.  

And now in more detail:

1. Get your personalised discount code. 

Please fill out the form below


You can either enter your payout details right away or send them to us later. 

After you sign up, we will manually add the discount code to our system and then send you a confirmation email that the code is active. 

This can take up to 24 hours.

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

2. Tell your friends and clients about www.mypalmleaf.com 

You can make posts on social media, send a newsletter or simply tell your friends in person about the magical existence of the palm leaves and that it is possible to have a an authentic reading online with mypalmleaf.com 

Share your personalised discount code, which gives them 10 Euro off the regular price. 

3. A booking is made with your discount code

When someone books a palm leaf reading with your discount code, they receive a 10 Euro discount at checkout. 

4. Our system recognises your discount code

Every time your personal discount code was used successfully,

it shows up in our system and we will add the commissions to your account.

The commissions are registered when the booking is made and confirmed once we successfully found the palm leaf of the client. When we can not find the palm leaf of a client, we refund the money, and therefore commissions are only paid for bookings, after the palm leaf was found. 

5. The client has the palm leaf reading 

We will go with the client through the process of finding their palm leaf and successfully identify their leaf.


The client has the general chapter reading.


In some cases, it might not be possible to find the clients palm leaf. We then would refund the payment and no commission would be paid out for that booking. 

6. We pay out your commissions

Once a month we pay out commissions for all clients that have booked with your discount code and whose palm leaf has been identified successfully 


You receive 30 Euro commission per client. 


The commission can be paid out via PayPal or bank transfer to an account of your choice.