Preparing for your Palm Leaf Reading

Searching for your Palm Leaf is a profound and beautiful process that will fully unfold with it's transformative effect,

when you prepare yourself, both internally and practically.

This begins first of all, by becoming aware of the complex beauty of this process. 
How touching is it, that an enlightened being has perceived your life millennia's ago, knowing that you would now be in need of guidance!?
How beautiful that, out of compassion and love, he decided to write your leaf and infuse it with such blessings that you would feel the call and search for it!
The desire to search for your Palm Leaf does not come from the mind, it has risen from a deep calling of your soul.
Simply remembering this already creates a beautiful effect on your being, and you will literally feel the blessings of the sages upon you.

Practical Preparation:
For the reading, you will be on a zoom call with the Palm Leaf reader and a translator.
During that call the matching process takes place, in which together you will go through a variety of Palm Leaves that are likely to contain yours, until your leaf is hopefully found.

We do not know beforehand how long this process will take. In most cases it takes 30minutes to 2 hours, but it can also be longer.
After your leaf is found, the reading of the general chapter about your life happens, which takes about 45 minutes. Following this, is the reading of Chapters 13 + 14, old karma and energetic remedies. Ideally we recommend to block out around 3 hours of availability, during which time you are undisturbed.

Technical aspects:

  • Please make sure you have downloaded and have a basic understanding of how to use it 
  • Make sure you have a good and stable internet connection, and if in doubt to have a back up. For example, if your wi-fi sometimes has issues, make sure you have mobile internet as well. 


General preparation:

  •  Be in an undisturbed place in which you feel comfortable and awake. 
  •  Switch off your phone, or if you are using it, switch off all notifications. 
  • Have a glass of water with you.
Nadi Astrology Leaves

For the Matching Process:

  • You will receive a video recording of the reading afterwards, so you do not need to take notes. 
  • During the matching, there will be questions/statements like "The name of your father contains 6 letters" etc. For this, we recommend, to have a piece of paper with you and write on it: a) your first and middle name (if you have one) and the first and middle names of your parents. Also count the letters of each name.

Understand the Matching Process

To fully understand, what is happening during the matching process, we highly recommend to read the more detailed description about it on the "How the Process Works" page.