The palm leaves are an expression of Love. 

Finding your palm leaf is a complex process that involves many steps and people and we invite you to feel this beautiful process, the love and caring in it and how the universe conspired over millennia to help you in this very moment in your life and in your soul journey.

a summary of the process and the Steps in Detail

The Rishis

Sages who could see through time perceived your life thousands of years ago and wrote the palm leaves.

Thumb print

All that is needed from you to initate the search for your leaf is your thumbn print. This is the traditional method of finding your leaf.

The search

According to your thumb print, bundles of palm leaves are collected from the library in India.

The matching

In a zoom call, the matching chapters of multiple leafs are reads until your personal leaf is found.

The reading

When your leaf is found, the summary of your life is read to you. If you wish there are more chapters as well.


Thje leaves contain recommendations for energetic remedies for your karmic obstacles.

The Rishis 

The Rishis were a group of sages that are said to have had life spans of hundreds and thousands of years. The lived over the last millennia in India and are said to be the authors of the palm leaves. 


The Rishis had the ability to look through time and perceive the journeys of countless souls, living in all ages until the year 2050.

The wrote down what they perceived, together with recommendations and guidance on how to live one's life in the most meaningful way and how to transform negative karmic influences. 

You can read more about the Rishis here. 

The thumb print

The search for your palm leaf begins with your thumb print. That is all the information required to search for the bundle of palm leaves that hopefully contains your leaf. 
While every thumb print is unique, there are up to 108 patterns of thumb prints. According to these patterns, the palm leaves are organised in the libraries.
Women are required to give their left, and men their right thumb print.

How to make a thumb print

  • You need an ink pad and a piece of paper.If you don't have an ink pad, you can just ask in a store or office, if you can use theirs or just buy one in an office supply store or online. 
  • Press your left Press your left (if you are a woman) or right (if you are a man) thumb on the ink pad and then press it on the piece of paper. Experiment with different intensities of ink and make sure the lines are clearly visible. An ideal example is shown below. Ideally put a few prints (of the same  thumb) open the paper. 
  •  Write the date and your gender on the paper and take a photo. 
  •  Send the photo to us.


The search for your palm leaf

The palm leaves are stored in bundles that contain up to 108 different leaves.
The palm leaves are stored in bundles that contain up to 108 different leaves.

The Palm leaf libraries.

The palm leaves are stored in the palm leaf libraries, that are located mainly in the south of India.

Here you find more info about the libraries and their history.

Once we have received your thumb print in India, the reader will go to the library to ask the librarian, who is also a priest to search for the bundles that might contain your leaf.


In the library, the leaves are organized in bundles that usually share similiar patterns of thumb prints. These bundles are also organized according to the time period in which the seeker is destined to come and search for their leaf.

Divination Ritual

The priest might identify hundreds of bundles that potentially contain your leaf.

With these he will perform a secret divination ritual and prayers and will pick a few bundles, that he will give to the palm leaf reader.


The Matching process

How the matching process works
You will be on a zoom call with the Palm leaf reader and a translator-
The palm leaf reader is highly trained in the ancient art of reading the palm leaves. This takes a lot of skill and training as they are written in a symbolic and poetic ancient Tamil language. He will read out loud what is written on the leaf.  
The translator will translate this into modern English for you. 
They will read out statements that are describing the person the palm leaf is speaking about.

Typical such statements are:

"You are married"

"You have 3 siblings"

"The name of your mother is ____"


If the statement is true for you, please answer with either:

  • YES
  • NO
  • I am not sure

If you either do not know the answer or are not sure how to answer because it is complex, simply say I don't know and the next statement from that leaf will be read. 
When you answer with NO, the leaf will be turned down and a statement from the next leaf is read. 
If you answer YES or I am not sure, the next statement will be read. 

When your leaf is in the bundle, at some point all the answers will be clearly YES, which is how you know that your individual palm leaf has been identified. Your leaf usually contains your name, the names of your parents, possibly other important relatives and life circumstances. When your leaf is found, you will also feel it :)

Ancient Tamil language 

The Palm leaves were written in the ancient Tamil language, which is a symbol and sound based language, unlike English, which is a western based language. It is also a poetic language.
The role of the translator is very important as he not only gives a direct translation, but puts it into a context that is understandable for the western mind.

For example, the palm leaf might say about the seeker:
"He is sitting in big halls, reading books and learning about the rules and customs of his society"
And the translator might translate this into:
"You are studying law".

In this way, the ancient palm leaves described many of todays things or technologies that did not exist thousands of years ago

Tamil Time Cycles

The Tamil time cycles are calculated differently than the western calendar. the Tamil names of the months are stated in the palm leaf. For example if you are born in "Chithirai", the reader would say:
"You are born in April or May". 
In the same way, the years have individual names that repeat themselves every 60 years. 
The Tamil year "Prabhava" for example describes the western year 1987-1988, but also from 1927-1928 and 1867-1868.

 We hope it will be obvius in which of these cycles you were born :)

The Reading

When you personal palm leaf is identified, the general chapter of your palm leaf will be read to you,

which contains an overview of your life in all its areas. 


The reading of the general chapter usually takes between 1-2h. 

May it shed light on your life's path and give you the insights you are looking for.  

After the Reading

After the reading, we recommend you to take some time and integrate the experience. You are not just receiving intellectual information, but a wider perspective on your life, that usually has deep after effects. 


Just the fact that your life was predicted with such accuracy, many thousands of years ago, and the knowledge that the blessing of the Rishis is upon you, will have a deep impact. 


You will also receive an Audio recording of the reading and we recommend you to listen to it at least once more. 

If you feel a wish to know more details about certain areas of your life, you can ask for more chapters, which will be searched for in different libraries. 

Search for additional chapters

Besides the general chapter, there can be up to 13 more chapters, that describe the different aspect of one's life in detail. 

They are stored separately, even in other libraries, and need to be searched for individually. The identification process is much quicker and easier though. 


The 14 chapters are:

  1. General chapter (you heard it already) 
  2. Education & Wealth
  3. Siblings
  4. Your mother. Material aspects like house, land, vehicles and material comfort 
  5. Children 
  6. Enemies and Diseases 
  7. Marriage/Relationships 
  8. Life span 
  9. Your father and ancestors. Your spiritual path. 
  10. Career/Job/Business 
  11.  Luck, profits, potential second marriage 
  12. Foreign connection and next incarnation. 
  13. Previous birth and old Karma 
  14. Energetic remedies to improve your life path.

 Of these, we recommend especially chapter 13+14, as they contain information that can change one's destiny and life path for the better, as they work with the stream of Karma that is the cause for the events of our life. You can book each chapter 


We hope this gave you a better understanding of Palm leaf reading process and if you have more questions, please contact us.