Free Prayer Requests

Here You can request prayers for yourself and your loved ones from the Tibetan monks of the Kopan Monastery in Nepal

The monks, of the Tibetan monastery "Kopan" in Nepal, pray daily for the well being of all beings. They also pray for individuals who wish to be prayed for. Therefore, if you would like the monks to include you or one of your loved ones in their prayers, you can enter the request here.

The Tibetan monks and nuns dedicate themselves and their spiritual practice to the well being and enlightenment of all sentient beings. If you would like to support their work with a donation, you can send it here directly to the Kopan Monastery. 

The Kopan Monastery

Located just outside Kathmandu in Nepal, the Kopan Monastery preserves and cultivates the spiritual treasures of the Tibetan culture. It is a beautiful place of spiritual practice and teachings, and home to hundreds of monks.


The Kopan Monastery also offers regular courses and retreats for western students in English. It is a perfect place to learn more about Tibetan Buddhism and explore the ancient teachings of Buddha, which are dedicated to the enlightenment and well being of all sentient beings.