Search for Additional Chapters

Each Palm Leaf can contain up to 14 chapters, that describe different aspects of our lives. 

When your leaf was found, you heard the reading of your general chapter, which is a summary of your entire life and the longest chapter.

If available, you also heard your chapter 13 (old Karma) and 14 (recommendations to clean and transform Karma).


After your leaf was found and you had the first reading, you can choose to hear more chapters, whenever you feel a calling to search for them.

The chapter reading will take place on zoom with the Palm Leaf reader, a translator and a moderator, just like in your first reading. 

The following chapters might be available for you

1. General chapter (you heard it already) 

2. Education & Wealth 

3. Siblings 

4. Your mother and all material aspects of life. 

5. Children

6. Enemies & Diseases 

7. Marriage & Relationships

8. Circumstances and time of your death 

9. Your father, ancestors and spiritual path. 

10. Career/Business/Jobs 

11. Luck, profits, potential second marriage 

12. Foreign connections and next incarnation 

13. Old Karma (you heard it already if available)

14. Remedies to transform Karma (you heard it already) 

Book the reading of additional chapters

After you made the booking, we will send you the scheduling link to make an appointment for the reading of your chosen chapters. 

65,00 €