Services and Prices

In the worldly reality of 2021, we are an organisation providing a service to you, as a client. Here you find a list of our services that you can book.


Although in reality, our purpose and motivation is simply to assist you as a friend in this timeless journey of our souls, and by doing so also deepen our own understanding of time, karma and the sacred mystery of life.

Our work and this website is dedicated to the love of life in all things.


We truly wish that finding and reading your Palm Leaf may help you on your life's journey, and we say thank you for your trust and every Euro you spend here that allows us to do this work.


Find your Palm Leaf and read the general chapter

  • Locating the bundles that might contain your Palm Leaf in India
  • Doing the matching process online to identify your Palm Leaf
  • Reading of the General chapter
  • If available, it also includes the reading of chapter 13 (old Karma)*
  • If available, it also includes the reading of chapter 14 (energetic remedies)*

*These are not always available. It varies from person to person. 

190,00 €

Book the reading of additional chapters

After you make the booking, we will send you the scheduling link to make an appointment for the reading of your chosen chapters. 

65,00 €

Specific Mantra Yantra Pooja performed for you in India

Based on the recommendation given to you by the Rishis, in the Palm Leaf reading, a very specific ceremony will be performed for you by a priest in an Indian temple. 

He will perform the ritual twice per day, with specific prayers and mantras to invoke these energies and blessings in your life. 

During the ritual, a copper Yantra (sacred geometric diagram) will be charged with the energy of the ritual, and send to you after its completion. 

105,60 €

Dhanvantri Homa - Fire ceremony for the blessing of health and long life

The Dhanvantri Homa is a fire ceremony to invoke the blessings of the Rishi Dhanvantri, the “God of medicine” 

When you book this ceremony it will be performed in a temple in India for you, to invoke these blessings into your life or for someone you chose to perform it for. It will be live streamed for you and you receive the recording as well. 

220,00 €

Get your Palm Leaf reading transcribed and summarised.

We will transcribe, edit and summarise your Palm Leaf reading and put it together as an easy to read, well structured text for you. 

33,00 €

60 Min Integration call with Stephan

The Palm Leaf reading can initiate deep transformational processes, that eventually will lead you to more happiness, but can be challenging as well. 

In case you would like support in integrating the information and experience into your life, we offer integration and coaching calls via Zoom. 


60,00 €