About Us

Mypalmleaf.com intends to be a bridge between the western world and the ancient wisdom of the sages of India.

Saint Agastya 

Rishi and Author of the leaves.

Agastya is the author of the Palm Leaves we are working with at My Palm Leaf, and our true founder. It is his blessing and compassion that is flowing through the Palm Leaf readings and our work is in his service.



My Palm Leaf

Tool of Transformation 

My Palm Leaf intends to be a portal of time, that is helping us to connect with the timeless grace and guidance of the saints and sages. May it help us to transform old Karma and understand our life from a higher perspective.

Readers and Translators 

Vedic priests and teachers

The readers and translators directly deliver you your personal message from the sages. We work with a group of different readers and translators. You will meet them in your reading and feel their ancient wisdom. 

Stephan Lakshman 

Founder of Mypalmleaf.com 

Here I am sharing with you about my own journey with the palm leaves, as well as what motivated me to create www.mypalmleaf.com 

Who Are We?

Stephan Lakshman 

Coordinator and Moderator 

Swami Sundar

Palm Leaf Reader

Mr. Allwin



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Admin and Client Support


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Moderator &

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German Translator 


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