Find the ancient prediction of your life!

Thousands of years ago, a group of Indian sages perceived the life's of people living throughout all ages
 and wrote them on palm leaves.  
These manuscripts are stored in temple libraries all over the south of India. 
We help you to find your manuscript, have a reading online and receive the guidance of the sages to overcome obstacles in your life and understand your life from a higher perspective.


The Rishis

The "Rishis", ancient sages, had the ability to see through time.
They wrote their prediction and guidance for your life on palm leaves, 3000-7000 years ago. 
They even predicted the moment you would search for your leaf.

Thumb print

All that is needed to initiate the search for your palm leaf is your thumb print. Right for men and left for women. No other information is required. 
After you send us our thumb print, we initiate the search.

The search

Based on the pattern of your thumbprint and the current astrological constellation, we initiate the search for your leaf in the library in India. Bundles of leaves are identified that might contain your leaf.

The matching

The matching process is a zoom call with you, the Nadi reader and a translator in which your personal leaf will (hopefully) be identified. Your name, the name of your parents and other information will be found in your leaf.

The reading

Usually in the same zoom call as the matching, once your leaf is identified, the general chapter is read. This contains a summary of your life from the moment of the reading onwards.

What happens after the reading?

Integrate and Digest

Having your palm leaves read has a deep energetic impact. We recommend to just let it sink in and integrate, rest,  go for a walk and feel the after effects.
You will begin to perceive your life from a bigger perspective and deepen your understanding of Karma and the timeless journey of your soul.

If you do feel a need, we also offer integration support.

Search for more chapters

Besides the general description of one's life, you can have up to 14 more detailed chapters that describe specific  aspects of your life in more detail. 

As these are stored in different libraries, we will iniate the search for them.

Not everybody has all chapters, but you probably find the most important ones for you.

Energetic remedies

The main purpose of the palm leaves is to receive guidance for your life and karmic circumstances. In the leaves, the Rishis wrote specific instructions how to overcome certain karmic obstacles through a variety of steps. Some are simple recommendations how to life you life and others are complex energetic tools, like rituals, ceremonies and pilgrimages. We can assist you with their application.


Benefits of a Palm leaf reading 

The "Rishis" (saints) wrote the palm leaf descriptions out of compassion, as they knew that at some point in our lives, we would be in need for guidance and come to seek their advise. 

In the palm leafs, the Rishis point out the karmic circumstances, that are the reason for blockages that you might experience in this life and give advice on how to positively impact and transform your Karma.

Having a palm leaf reading is far more than just having information about your future life. It can open doors to profoundly deepen our understanding about your souls journey and see the interconnectedness of all our lives.


It helps us to make subtle shifts in our trajectory that over time can lead major shifts in our journey and spiritual understanding. 


On a practical level, the palm leaves can help us to make decision and again understanding about important aspects of our lives, like Health, Relationships, Career, Family etc.